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     At Sports Zone we take your skate sharpening seriously. After all, it's is the only part of your skate that is actually touching the ice, making it very important for your on ice performance. Our care and dedication that goes into every pair of skates is what sets us apart from the competition. Our staff truly care about your performance and comfort on the ice, which is why we are more than happy to talk about what skate sharpening depth and profile is the right choice for your game.  We are able to sharpen skates and almost any radius (ROH) you prefer and we offer FBV (Flat Bottom V) Sharpening as well.  Not sure what radius you like?  Come and talk to one of our staff members and we would be happy to get you the edge you need for you game, whether you are just starting out or have been playing for years, we have you covered.



      The equipment we use is only the best quality and is well maintained.  We choose blademaster equipment for skate sharpening for multiple reasons, including:

  • Blademaster is global. Their equipment can be found in over 50 countries.

  • Over 80 years of manufacturing and design expertise.  Their products are manufactured 100% in-house from raw material to finished product in their modern 100,000 square foot facility. 

  • For the past two decades, Blademaster has been the official skate sharpener for SPHEM (Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers). 

  • Blademaster is the official and exclusive supplier to 8 of the top national teams.

  • Blademaster can be found in nearly every NHL locker room and is the #1 choice of professional skate sharpeners.


The ProSharp AS2001 Profiling Machine is the most technologically advanced machine on the market. This machine allows for up to four profile zones, maximising every inch of your blade and improving acceleration, speed, agility and stability. This is the future of blade profiling and is currently used by many NHLers including Elias Pettersson.  


Quad Profiles - Made for a powerful controlled skater, looking for increased stability and smoother transitions. 

(ie: Elias Pettersson)

Zuperior (Triple) Profiles - Made for an aggressive, agile skater looking for fast starts, tight turns and quick change in direction. (ie: Brad Marchand) 

More options are available in store. Come in to get a recommendation on the profile that is right for you.

Please Note: Prosharp profiles are extremely precise, we recommend getting them sharpened by us, or somewhere that has training on maintaining a Prosharp profile. We recommend having your profile done twice a year or 20-30 sharpening to ensure the profile is accurate.

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